5 intentional steps I’ve taken to reclaim my days


One year strong and I am still trying to find a balance between motherhood and giving to my work. Showing my husband that he has my whole heart and keeping a clean house. Being a friend who shows up and taking the time to rest.

I fail everyday at being all that I wish I could be, but like every learner, I’m growing slowly and making my own rhythms in life.

5 intentional steps I’ve taken to reclaim my days {and my role as a mom}

Wake up first and sit with God + coffee.

That alarm going off in the morning almost hurts. This tired body will never catch up on sleep so I have every excuse to push snooze and roll over. If I’m being honest, most days the only thing that gets me out of bed is the smell of the coffee that Rob set for me the night before.

Having coffee waiting first thing is a game changer!

Once the coffee makes it’s way to my brain, I pull out my Bible and start my morning in pursuit of purpose and renewal. Sitting with God and waking as He whispers truth to me is the only way I know how to be my best self. My soul needs this. Once the rest of the house starts to wake up, I feel awake and motivated.

Allow Norah to explore and play while I get ready for the day.

I am guilty of feeling too responsible for Norah and her experiences. It is clear that I am, rightfully,

accountable for her development and environments as she grows into womanhood and discovers her place in this life, but I cannot be responsible for every moment of her day. That’s not healthy for me or her. She needs freedom (appropriate for her age) and discovery time. Frankly, she needs this controlling mama to give her space and let her learn.

So, I am learning to do that.

Every morning, as I get ready, I set up a space for Norah in our bedroom that is attached to a balcony and I expect her to just be. That is her time to play in my closet, mess up the bed, run in and out of the bedroom onto the patio and shout at the folks walking by. She loves it, and I love watching her wild spirit explore!

Invite Norah to make dinner with me.

Dinner needs to be made every night. These people just never take a break from eating. I can’t blame them. This is witching hour for our family. By 5pm, Norah is tired and cranky. It’s too early for bed and too late for nap time, so she has to just deal… which means we all have to deal.

No Bueno.

What used to be frustrating and leave me practically throwing NJ in the arms of Rob right when he got home, was resolved by the simple inclusion. Norah is interested in what I do and is always eager to learn. I have gotten in the habit of viewing dinner prep as family time and invite her to do it with me. I place a boppy on the counter beside whatever I am doing and I talk her through my process. I let her taste test, I ask her opinion on things, and I allow her hands to get dirty along with mine. She may not have helpful input at this stage, but she is an eager learner and her presence makes it more fun!

Make community outside this home a priority.

It is too easy to get lost in the importance of family and create a little bubble of insider thinking that gives all of who we are to only building into what is ours. I don’t think that’s ok, or what God meant when he told us to go and preach the Word to all nations.

I am a firm believer that we serve an intentional God who expects us to sacrificially give to those around us. Not only out of love and obedience to Him, but also because it is clear that we grow and change by the experiences that we have with His people. God uses people to change the world. To change us.

I have been overwhelmed by the strong bonds of love and friendship that have been built over the years that not only helped make me the woman I am today but also serve as a model of community that I want Norah to strive for. The power of community is the only thing that made me a mother and brought her home. People are important; serving those around you is crucial; loving people is the best way to love God.

Enjoy coffee by myself once a week.

It’s no secret that coffee and I have a long history and I intend to keep that relationship strong. Also, I need me time. I have learned that one of the ways I could best serve my family and friends, is by creating space in my world to just sit in what I enjoy. To soak in the buzz of a community, the smell of coffee, the freedom to daydream and the joy of alone time.

It is my time to dream big and remind myself that I am more than my roles, I am a woman worthy of giving time to.

Friends, I know I am not alone in my need for routines and rhythms that make sense for our family while also living a life God asks me to. These roles we play in life are not small. Some days it may feel like the things we do are mundane and unimportant; that perspective is not only untrue but also dangerous.

It robs us of our joy and the reality that the little moments in a day, make up the big moments in a life.

We are kingdom builders, community leaders, children raisers, home makers. There is no denying that the foundation of a good home is crucial to the makings of a strong person. We do that. I want to encourage you to be intentional this week and create spaces and moments that claim the life we were meant to live!


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  1. Love the focus on self-care as the means to catapult yourself into community care:-) It’s so true that our outer world always reflects our inner world, and it’s so important to just take some time to “coffee”, lol, and daydream.

  2. I couldn’t love this more! I agree, having coffee ready and waiting is a must! I love my quiet time with my Bible and coffee early in the morning. It sets the tone for the day. I don’t always get coffee alone with 6 little ones, but it’s a season.

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