A Child’s Love

Children are such easy vessels.

On the daily, God and I have a tug and pull of control and obedience. As He patiently guides and directs through His word and subtle reminders, I pull for control and make demands based on fear and a need for authority. And we journey on.

My sweet girl is wild and free. She has this mama’s spirit of independence and need for control. The world is her playground and she is eager to run and explore every inch of it. She is her own girl.

With that same spirit, she welcomes experiences and people. She offers smiles freely, with no judgements or fear. She extends her hands to all who give her a second glance, welcoming friendship and connection. Her eyes attract those who need to see beauty and in all openness, she patiently allows the nearness of their enjoyment. She is God’s own heart.

I have seen Norah bring joy to tired eyes. I have stood back as her contagious smile spread from her lips to those around her. When others wouldn’t dare a conversation, I’ve listened as Norah shouted hellos and beckoned for ┬áconnection with those who stood alone. She is my best example.

Like every slow learner, time is helping me connect that Norah’s life is not mine to claim or design. I am encouraged by the light that is in her and the act of worship that she lives out by honoring God easily in her love of others. As my own surrender to God, I’m learning to let go.


Of the fear that wants me to keep her too sheltered.

Of the lie that her life is small and not yet ready.

Of the desire to have too much of a say and to demand control.

Of my insecurities that I’ve got it all wrong.


My child is a vessel and this mama is eager to watch her be used.




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