An Update on the Process!

In all the excitement of what’s going on, a lot of you have been asking about where we are at in the process and we’re happy to give an update!

We working with a faith-based consultant agency called Faithful Adoption Consultants. Here is a little bit about our awesome consultants:

 Faithful Adoption Consultants specializes in domestic newborn adoption. We walk alongside adoptive families as they navigate the process of adoption. Our service is to educate and counsel our clients through each and every step of their adoption journey. 

At FAC, our heart is to see the Lord build families through adoption. We believe that through our clients, the lives of the birth families can be radically changed if presented with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This organization does not work with adoptions within California so our sweet child will for sure be out of state and require some travel.

Just finished up all our paper work for FAC and sending it off!

Now that we have decided on our adoption partners we are starting the Home Study process. This can take anywhere between one to four months to complete. During this stage we get to be interviewed a few times by a social worker as they learn our family background, daily life and routine, perform background checks and help ensure our home is ready (and a whole lot of other things, including LOADS of paperwork).

Once our Home Study is complete we become active!! FAC will then send our profile book (the book of us) all over the country in search of a mama that will choose us to be the adoptive parents. This timeline is all God.

After we are matched with the beautiful mama who is carrying our child, we get to continue walking the rest of her pregnancy with her until our baby is born. We will stay in the home state of our sweet one for around three weeks while the baby is in the hospital (however long that is) and while our legal papers get finalized and processed. Once the child is legally ours…. WE COME HOME WITH OUR BABY!

From this point, it could take anywhere from 3 months to a year. We are just at the beginning, my friends, but we are confident that God brought us to this decision at this exact time because our child is in process and preparing to come home soon.

We are happy to answer any questions you have in the comments below.  It will be best to answer them there for everyone to see!  Also, we will post regular progress updates when we’re able. As of right now, we are starting our home study and readying our home for our baby room.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray we stay on track and encouraged during this part of the adoption. Home study can be long and intense.
  • Pray for funding to continue to come in, we write our first check of $3,500 on Friday.
  • Pray for our sweet birth mom and her decision making process. What a brave one she must be.
  • Pray for the health of our child in waiting.

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  1. Congratulations on your decision. I do pray this will be a quick and blessed journey, for all those that will be involved. Love you two!

  2. I am so happy for you both and know you will be great parents. Jeff and I wish you many blessings to come and will be praying for you during this process. God bless Sandy Brown

  3. So happy for you two! You will be the best parents….ever! God surely has a little miracle already in mind! 🙂 Kip & Lilly

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