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ZachWe have the BEST, best friends in the WORLD! We had the greatest blessing to have our very close friends throw us a yard sale to raise funds for our baby child. This past weekend they gifted us over $860 from just two days of hosting a yard sale!!! Thank you, Jesus! That brought our fundraising total up to 20% of our goal. We are blown away… truly we feel so loved! (And it looks like they had a fun time doing it!…Who are we kidding, this group would have a fun time doing just about anything!)



A lot of people have been asking about the money breakdown. Here is some more info on how that works…

$6,250 – PAID!

The first and second step of the process is complete! We raised enough money to pay both the home study fees and our consultant fees. We are all ready for the next step!


The largest cost will be in this next season. After we complete the home study (normally takes 3-4 months, we will drag it on a bit to allow fundraising to happen), we will begin the “matching process”. Our consultants will send our profile book all over the country to find us a match with a birth mother.

Once matched with our sweet little mama, we become responsible for the entire attorney, medical, birthmother care, airfare and travel expenses. This can range anywhere between $30-35k. We cannot continue onto the next step of matching if we do not have those funds in place. So we wait on God’s timing and continue to pray and raise funds to bring baby L home!

Thank you for your prayers and support. We are loving this process and cannot wait to continue to watch God’s story unfold.

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  1. What a great victory to have made it this far. Many prayers for the continued journey – can’t wait to see what God is going to do!!!

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