Easter + Adoption || My process in both


You have been audaciously fought for and passionately welcomed home. As Easter Sunday nears, it takes intentionality to pause and remember. To quiet the hum of the everyday and walk to the foot of the cross. The world around me becomes distant in the presence of fierce love. Slowly, and without the usual fight, my […]

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A Child’s Love

Children are such easy vessels. On the daily, God and I have a tug and pull of control and obedience. As He patiently guides and directs through His word and subtle reminders, I pull for control and make demands based on fear and a need for authority. And we journey on. My sweet girl is […]

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Norah Turns 1!

We got the honor of celebrating Norah turning ONE! This mama’s heart was so not ready for this baby year to be over.  In the pursuit of simplicity in our lives, we celebrated Norah with close friends and family and a Lambert favorite: donuts. My younger sister made this darling vanilla cake with sugar frosting […]

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Fundraising Invitation

I view fundraising as an invitation. The call to adopt was heavy on our hearts when we realized it could not come without ask for help. The fearful side of me swelled with pride and I thought, any other way, God. Asking for financial help is humbling and terrifying… it also comes with a finality […]

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Shout Your Adoption #18

She is called for more. Parenthood is big and life-changing and everything wonderful I knew it would be. The love I have for Norah is so much more than I planned for and everything I dreamed of. Together the three of us are the strongest team and perfect match. We were meant to be. Our […]

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Shout Your Adoption #17

The moment we got the call I fell to my knees and cried. Rob quickly joined me and again we were lost for words as our hearts exploded with joy. Our girl was coming home. We made several phone calls and rejoiced with close friends and family. Rob quickly made arrangements for our flight, accommodations […]

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