Last Wednesday we got the amazing chance to worship with our small group at an All Sons and Daughters concert and it was incredible. For the first time since we made the decision to adopt, I was able to just sit in the presence of the Lord and feel the bigness of what we were doing.

All Sons & Daughters

There’s a life behind the paperwork.  A chosen child behind every dollar raised, sleepless night, essay completed and appointment made. My child is coming and my heart is so incredibly ready.

It’s amazing to see in part the grand story already written for this sweet child. To know that all along for our whole lives, both apart and then together, God had this child in mind. He molded our story to prepare for the calling of theirs. He chose you to be a part of bringing him home and to anticipate meeting her and actively engaging in shaping their faith, trust and experience with God. That each of us, as a body, are hand selected by our Father to help our child realize purpose, to have hope and build the Kingdom for God’s glory. We are just at the beginning of the perfect plan God has for this giant life. This chosen child, the adopted one.

What an amazing honor it will be to hold this special life, to be the mother of this called child. The child God is moving mountains for. The one that I already love so strongly and feel fulfilled in each step of the process for… our sweet child.

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