Decisions, Decisions…

Posted by Andi
Posted by Andi


Be still my heart and know
You are God alone

Adoption decisions are hard. They hurt. They require heart, involve people and are intimate. As we continue on our way to our child the road got narrow and a little steeper. We are now actively presenting* and get to see potential matches for us to decide whether to move forward. Getting in peoples lives and making life-changing decisions leaves our hearts raw and keeps heads bowed. All of this became so real.

blog pic copyPray with us now.

Pray for the birth mom’s making the hardest, most heartbreaking decision of their lives. Pray for their future and for Christ to be in it.

Pray for the adoptive families who enter their world, even just for a moment, to be loving and open with their hearts, to be caring and tender with these women in their moment of hurt. Pray for clarity, pray for faith.

Pray for the babies. The sweet, precious, innocent babies who do not have a choice. Who wait to be loved. Who wait to be home.

Pray for us. All of us.

The journey is not an easy one. It’s a road filled with hurt and brokenness. A path of waiting and heaviness. The road to our child is only fueled by love. Pray we get there soon.

*showing our profile to families who we are compatible with to be chosen for their child.

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