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Posted by Andi
Posted by Andi

This week has been a whirlwind of tears, diapers, baby snuggles, birth family visits, short naps and long nights. The perfect entrance to parenthood. We mentioned once that God was in every detail of this matching and in no way were we over exaggerating.

The week leading up to ‘the call’ about Norah, we had been working with our social worker in CA about moving to a smaller place to downsize and make it possible for us to work part time should we chose when we are parents. We had found the PERFECT place and were making plans to move in a couple of months. All was great until we learned the place we chose may not be possible because of the requirements for a baby room. We were not only bummed, but in trouble because we had already been working with our relator to get our place on the market.

The morning our house went on the market was the morning we got the call about Norah. We called Courtney (our consultant from Faithful Adoptions) and told her all about our situation and she explained that she just sent our book out to a mother in Kansas who had made the decision to adopt. This case would be best-case scenario for us and this move. (Not to mention the details of the situation in general.) Although, it was best-case scenario for us, she said us getting chosen would be a miracle. Mainly because of the amount of profile books the family requested, but also because this case would be finalized in less than 30 days (extremely rare) and therefore would be perfect timing for our move. These cases do not come along often. That would make it a straight up miracle, totally God’s perfect timing.

All the while, my parents decided to come up for a visit on a whim! (They live 4 hours away and had no idea about the adoption case.)

That evening we learned that God was doing something big because birth parents had chosen us as top two families they loved. We praised God and prayed, prayed, prayed. Prayed for the other family and their hearts. Prayed that God’s presence would be strong and in every detailed. Prayed for this sweet baby girl as she waited for her forever family. And mainly prayed for the birth family as they did the impossible.

IMG_8164The next morning we woke to a phone call from Courtney stating that we had 10 minutes to write a letter to birth mom as she is having trouble deciding between the two families. With no coffee and a trembling heart, we prayed and I wrote. I said all that I would have wanted to say to my child’s birth mom had I been able to meet and hug her myself. Once sent off… we waited… and waited… and waited. It was the most nerve-wrecking thing I’ve ever experienced. This felt like my baby and the family I was meant to love long term, but I had no control and no say in the matter. All we could do was wait.

The following day (yes, we waited 2 ½ days total!) … we got the call that birth mom had chosen us! We, along with an army of prayer partners, surrounded her in prayer the whole time, which lead to the peace in her decision to place and decision to begin an open adoption with us. Sweet baby bird was on her way home. andi+norah

One of the coolest parts of our story is that my parents got to be a part of every detail of the wait to see if we were chosen, of celebrating when we got the call and helping make arrangements for our big trip! God is SO GOOD.

After spending a week with our sweet child and time daily with her birth family, we are all in agreeance that this was all meant to be. God brought us to this point of joining our two families together and will continue to teach us how to love each other well. IMG_8071

{More adoption details to come in future posts. This is just the beginning of God’s miracle’s in our story.}

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