IMG_1980My journey for more is all consuming.

I have this consistent restless for more, this need for different. I crave adventure and freedom. I long for relevance and desire youthful experiences.

Often times I wonder when I’ll arrive. When my leadership will grow, when my voice will find its place, when my wisdom will precede me. I am eager to be more.

Recently I felt enough.

It rushed me like a wave and contentment crashed in with power. I got the honor of looking back and seeing I am not who I was and am far from where I have been. As I float in the plan of God, I am grateful and humbled by my simplicity.

For the first time in a long time I see smiles that fill my world. I feel the warmth of the hands that have surrounded me and held me up. I am stopping to notice the hurt in the eyes of those here that need me. Those He has called me to. Those who are my more.

I feel honored to walk this life where He planted me. I am choosing to root and give more, see more, become more.

What a gift peace is. What a blessing contentment is. What joy enough brings.

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