Fundraising Invitation

I view fundraising as an invitation.

The call to adopt was heavy on our hearts when we realized it could not come without ask for help. The fearful side of me swelled with pride and I thought, any other way, God. Asking for financial help is humbling and terrifying… it also comes with a finality that weighs heavy. Once others are invited in and make a commitment, you have to succeed. There is no failing or turning back. That is terrifying.

As I begged God to open a door to adoption that would not require help my heart grew more and more confident that fundraising and private adoption was the only road to my daughter. So we walked.

This shy girl had to create a platform for my heart to be heard and allow others into the hurt I hid. This prideful bride had to bow in humility and let others carry me when I knew I could not possibly pay what needed to be given. This scared child had to find a tribe of adoptive mothers who also said yes to adoption who would guide and support when things got sticky.   

The fundraising process became a journey of letting people in and including them on a call that was truly not my own.

The Bible is very clear about how God feels about His widows and orphans and no one person is meant to carry that task alone. As a family we serve, as a family we give. Each dollar that was gifted came with a story or a call of its own that was between God and that individual alone.

You see, when God asks us to step forward and do big things it rarely ends up being for us alone. Yes, each donated dollar helped make me a mother and Rob a father, but the story is SO much bigger than that.

Each donated dollar was a sacrifice. It was an offering to help heal a hurting birth mother who made the hardest choice of her whole life. It was a gift to a baby who needed a family to call her own. It was a kingdom call, from a God who knows the heart of each giver and knew the cost of each dollar given. It was an invitation to bless the heart of God and join in on a story that is bigger than we know.

Fundraising is an invitation for life change; let God use your story.

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