Grateful Hearts…

Posted by Andi
Posted by Andi



I know, I know, I know…. We ask for money A LOT! But oh my goodness, isn’t God the biggest!! We are at 61% of our $40,000 goal. That is A LOT of money in a crazy short amount of time! If you haven’t noticed, we didn’t get here alone. While we were busy paper-working, interviewing, readying our home, praying, mourning our sweet child in heaven, reading “How-To” parent books, praying some more, fundraising and working…. YOU have been our lifeboat, our saving grace and our support. This side of heaven you could never know the depth of our gratitude and the amount of love we feel from you, but may God bless you for your hearts.

As we continue to wait for our sweetest of hearts we wait knowing you are too. We are not alone in our love for our child, we share the same hope and we stand supported by love. Thank you for being our blessing. Thank you for becoming our family.

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