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Although this journey has felt relatively quick so far, it feels like we’ve been through so many different seasons requiring a deeper dependence on God. He’s been so faithful to us. As we mourned the loss of our sweet child, we continued to take steps forward on our adoption journey and WE ARE READY!

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So what does that mean?  Let me tell you.  We’ve finished everything needed to begin “actively presenting.”  Essentially this means the folks at Faithful Adoption Consultants are beginning to seek out potential matches and will send our info to moms who seem like we’d be a good fit for.  Soon we will know what state our child is in, how far along mom is and how soon they can come home.   There is a chance that this process could move extremely fast, so fast in fact that as you’re reading this, a mother may be deciding she wants to meet us and we may be getting a phone call working out arrangements to travel and meet up.

This also means that ALL the money… is due ASAP.  Once the call comes, the expenses will come in quick.  We don’t know when the call will come, it  could be days, it could be weeks, but one thing is sure… Right now, somewhere, our child is being formed.  Mom may be carrying them, they may have recently been born, but they are there waiting… and we can’t wait to meet them.

We are praying for a child of any race, any gender and under the age of 6 weeks from anywhere in the United States to join our family. We know God has been working on this process for longer than we can attach our minds to and He has been guiding every conversation and experience that lead us to the decision we made. God is in this and we cannot wait to meet the child he created for us.

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The biggest helps right now are prayer, donating { if you can, nows the time! 🙂 } and sharing both our GoFundMe page and the Instagram shop Andi recently started: Shop4BabyL.  Many of you have donated and we are so grateful.  If you can’t donate we completely understand, but the next best thing you can do is share our story… tell anyone and everyone about what God is doing here.  We know He is faithful and we know He can do insane things… He already has… and we can’t wait to see what else He has in store.



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