Home Studies & Open Mics…

Hey everybody!

We wanted to give you another quick update and let you know where we are currently in the process. Last week we had our first meeting with our social worker to start the home study. We are going with a company called The Family Network and so far things are going very well! The initial meeting was great and we walked away with a TON of paperwork to finish up but feeling even more at ease and confident about the process. Our social worker was great about answering a lot of our questions and helping make the process even more understandable… it was awesome. The next step is to finish all the paper work and then move forward with our couples/individual interviews with the social worker.

IMG_3727Also, last Friday Brew Bakers Family Cafe hosted an open mic night to benefit our adoption fund and it was very cool. We had a great crowd come out, some really great performances and by the end of the the night, we had raised $171! It’s been so crazy to see how supportive and generous people have been to us through this entire process. We are extremely grateful.


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