Limitless Love…

Posted by Andi
Posted by Andi




I get the honor of sitting in my workspace every Sunday morning and listening to worship being sung all around me. The student ministries sing praises shortly after the main service, which means extra long worship for me… and man I sure need it.

I need years of worship alone just to begin to praise to our King for the goodness He has done in our lives. For the blessings given and blessings planned.

As I walk through each day, I am continuing to learn of His limitless love.

All consuming, so intentional, completely intimate, love.

In my area of ministry I get to hear stories of loss and see tears of heartache and struggle. I listen as people share of financial burdens and get to pray for people’s sickness and broken bodies. I get the blessing of knowing stories intimately all around me. I praise God in the brokenness and praise God in the blessings. Not because I’m told to, but because I see Him in both.

My own story of challenge and goodness has revealed a truth of my God that I’ve always known, but never has it been so obvious. He never leaves us. His intentional, gentle hand is always present. His pen of creatively, love and sacrifice is always writing, leading towards the ending of our story including Him and His glory. Praise God, we are not done yet. Praise God, He is still in control.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.blessed

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