Posted by Andi
Posted by Andi


On this day of celebration and recognition of motherhood, it’s so easy to live in my world of hurt, pain, loss and sorrow that claims many moments of my days. This season of brokenness cannot go unnoticed on this day… but it can go unclaimed, denounced and given no victory.

For all of us in this season of waiting, we look to motherhood as our end goal. It’s our prize, the thing we long for the most. With each month that passes with no positive results on our hopeful stick, we mourn a little more. Each day that brings another dream lost of our miscarried child, we hurt a little deeper. We long to hear the word, “Mom” and know we will proudly carry the title with honor because it IS an honor, a beautiful blessing… a gift. We know this more than most, I think.

Look around, we are surrounded by beautiful women, warriors on the field with powerful Blog Quotetestimonies of strength. We were raised by saints, the most sacrificial who taught us how to love and live grace. We are in the presence of Mothers. Let us not miss these moments, but live in gratefulness and hope. Give yourself the gift of freedom to celebrate the legacy that others are creating around us that will soon be ours to build as well. Take note of their examples, find joy in their blessing and rejoice in the truth that our story is still being written.

Happy Mother’s Day to the women who made me, loved me and lead me by their example, love, grace, and sacrifice.


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