Norah Turns 1!

We got the honor of celebrating Norah turning ONE! This mama’s heart was so not ready for this baby year to be over. 

img_9704In the pursuit of simplicity in our lives, we celebrated Norah with close friends and family and a Lambert favorite: donuts.



My younger sister made this darling vanilla cake with sugar frosting to look like a donut! Norah’s whole day was made with just one bite…. and then another, and another…




Thankfully, God blessed us with people whose love for Norah is just as fierce as ours, so simple was easy with all the generous help we had! Friends donated tablecloths, Target stayed on point with cute, inexpensive supplies and family made the food! Why we are loved so well, by so many I will never know but I am forever thankful.




We are only a year strong into parenthood and already we are asking big questions on how to love well without fear of failure, how to give generously without breeding entitlement and how to be imperfect and still reflect the Creator.

On this journey, thus far, we have decided two things:

  1. We will work hard to live in the tension of giving our best, making sure that does not come in the form of stuff but mainly in the form of ourselves.
  2. The conversation and reality of adoption does not end when the child is home and paperwork is done. It seems that is where it begins.

We will always honor where Norah came from and learn how to navigate acknowledging the beauty of her first parents and the continuous love they too have. A picture of her sweet birth parents smiled on the mantel above us with newborn Norah in their arms, as we celebrated the life that is so worth having.donut-party

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