I will not uproot in fear, what God planted in truth.

I will, however, obsess. Cry and be confused. Ask too many questions before I move forward in faith. Need God, once again, to help me say yes.

In this season of newness, I asked God for some very big things for my life that I thought I was ready for and knew that I needed. I asked to be used in dark places. I asked that home become my mission field. I prayed to care for His widows and orphans and to be a part of life change for His kingdom. I know I need that, I think I want that.

As I sit on a comfy couch in a cute apartment, it’s easy to forget He answered. When I open my front door and it’s obvious I’m here. I am planted.

There are no gates around this community, no lake front properties. This street of run-down apartments and broken fences is a rude reminder that safety is a luxury and beauty is fleeting. I am here.

I get the honor of rubbing shoulders with things I am afraid of. The privilege of culture, exposures, and hurt people are now in our life. I raised my hand and said Lord send me, and now I double lock my doors and worry because He did.

As I sit and pray dangerously again I know He is not only faithful to His people  but faithful to the darkness. He promises hope and light. He gives love generously and does not leave brokenness unseen. He pursues, enters in. He brings life change.

Today, I’m saying yes once again. Saying yes to being uncomfortable. Yes to living differently. Yes to seeing hope where there is none, offering love to those who don’t know how important they are, to be present for people who are His. I am in this mission with God and will not wish to go back.

I am saying yes to blooming where I am planted.



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