She’s here…

Posted by Andi
Posted by Andi

I didn’t know something this amazing would ever happen to us. What a journey this has been.

As I sit on a hotel couch with my sweet baby girl yawning in my arms, I cry. My heart is so full and blessed and overwhelmed with love I cannot believe this life is mine to claim. I am a mother. I have a daughter. We have adopted. We have loved. We have lost. We have fought. We have worked. We have given up and got back up again. We have lost hope and stayed on our knees for strength. We were hurt and vulnerable. We learned we are not alone. We created a family of supporters and cheerleaders and each kind word, prayer, financial gift, hug and encouragement was perfectly timed and has become our lifeboat.



And now we sit alone in a hotel room processing emotions, going over details, remembering the hard and rejoicing in the good and knowing it was all worth it. Everything. Every tear, every heartache, every vulnerable public moment, every silent prayer and long wait. Every rejection and unanswered question was more than worth this.

We sit in awe of every yawn, every cry, every hiccup and silly face. We find our joy in meeting her needs and learning how to meet the demands of our new titles. We are stronger because of her and the journey we took to get to her.

This road was not an easy one, but it sure was the best one. We are overjoyed that sweet Norah is home.

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  1. God is so good Andi and Rob…He has answered your prayers, listened to your cry, picked you up and has given you a family without borders. Being on the sidelines has been a gift to us too. Your unwavering faith has encouraged us along the way…to you both (and now three) we return the appreciation of allowing us to be along on your journey. Xoxo

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