Shout Your Adoption #15

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 11.43.47 PMEarly one Saturday morning the most perfect gift arrived 3 weeks before she was due. Our girl was here. She had breath in her lungs. She was alive and ready to come home, waiting for our arms to rest in.

The weekend our girl was born we were camping with friends at a festival Rob had a show at. Those couple of days were spent talking with another adoptive couple, sharing our stories and everyone expressing how eager they were to meet our babe. It was a perfect weekend to bid farewell to being a family of two.

In my heart I knew we were close. I woke up Sunday morning with an excitement in my heart and my thoughts were consumed with daydreams of holding my sweet child. I was so ready I teared up every time I thought of my sweet child. I shared that with Rob and together we hoped I was right.

Our girl was at day 4 of life when we got the call that our book was being shared with a young couple. Early on that Tuesday morning we both entered into our state of prayer and everything in our life stopped as we clung to God and waited for our ‘Yes.”

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