Shout Your Adoption #16

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 11.44.42 PMWednesday morning we woke up to a call from @thelottofus  explaining that sweet couple had narrowed their choice down to us and another family and asked us to write a letter to the birth mom. She gave me 10 minutes to do it. I thought that was impossible, but was soon as I opened up a blank document and began to write the words came.

This was another way that God was in every detail for me. As a shy girl the phone call that most adoptive mothers get made me a little nervous… but writing is my space to let out what I cannot always say. My God knew which outlet to bless me with so that my heart was easily seen. He is so good to me.

I cried as I told her how my heart longed to know her, as I shared with her my deep love and respect for her and my desire to hug her as she walked this difficult road. I openly shared my passion to be mother and needed her to know that my arms and heart were open to her and her sweet child. In this family she was welcome.

Then we waited.

The day felt like a year. I thought I was calm but I couldn’t do anything other than pray and pace. As Wednesday came to a close, we heard nothing more and my heart was heavy. In my heart this felt like my child. I longed to be with her and each hour that passed made me that much more sure that the cords that bond a family ran deeper than blood. I wanted to run to my girl.

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