Shout Your Adoption #18

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She is called for more.

Parenthood is big and life-changing and everything wonderful I knew it would be. The love I have for Norah is so much more than I planned for and everything I dreamed of. Together the three of us are the strongest team and perfect match. We were meant to be.

Our story is just as strong and powerful as our love. It is one written with intimacy, endurance, grit, strength, sacrifice and love. So much love. The road that brought us to this home together is a constant reminder of the beauty and might of adoption. The beauty and might of God’s story for all of us. Just like me, she is called to more. Her life has purpose that will outlast all the things that made this road long and sometimes hard.


As I watch my sweet girl sleep with child like wonder I stand in awe of this new call to motherhood. I feel special and so unworthy to get to walk along side her as our journey through life continues as a family.

Norah means light, but she did not ignite herself. She carries the grace-filled flame of her Father and was created to pass that on. Her young life has already done that for me and I am eager to walk beside her as she does the same to others. SHINE ON, sweet girl. Shine on.

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