Shout Your Adoption #2

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 10.49.50 AMOne moment during a work meeting my pastor’s wife and dear friend, Kim, pulled me aside and asked how I was. I shared my hurt and told her about our infertility.

In the same breath I explained all that we tried and all that we won’t try. As if it needed defending. As if I needed to explain how we have this under control and are being responsible with this ‘issue’. We are hurt, but ok… or at least ok with not being ok.

She looked me in eye and said, ‘Can I start praying for adoption for you?’ I was shocked, but quickly said yes. That moment felt like a reminder of what my heart has always wanted. To be mama to the orphaned. I secretly joined her in praying…. And begged God to say yes. 
#AdoptionAwarenessMonth#AdoptionRocks #JourneyToNorah

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