Some delicious news!

With full hearts and contentment with God’s timing we have so much to be thankful for. Some moments on this journey to motherhood are too overwhelmingly beautiful for my heart to process. I often sit silently overcome with joy and awe of the bigness of God’s plan for our lives that I literally have no words. Our God is good, our God is so good.

We recently decided to slow down the home study process and focus more on fundraising. As we continue to learn, it has become clear that the fundraising part will take just as much effort (if not more) than the paperwork part. Having a child is hard. 😉 We do not want to be in a position where we’re matched and we cannot pay for it. So we are happily slowing down the process and patiently waiting as God reveals His story to us day by day.

Speaking of fundraising…..

These hooligans are going to make you dinner!

Mark your calendars, my friends! My Mexican parents are pulling out the big guns and making you all dinner! My pops and lil’ mama are planning on spending a weekend here in Grass Valley cooking up some Chili Verde dinner plates and burritos as a fundraiser for their grandbabe. More details very soon. Rob and I are SO EXCITED!! There is nothing better than a home cooked meal by those talented folks. Get ready!

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  1. Chili Verde…plan on us…that’s Doug’s favorite…if he isn’t home several for him anyway…Love you two…

  2. So excited!! Can’t wait! Love you guys! You’re in my constant prayers! My heart fills with joy when i think about you guys as parents and your journey to parenthood! God’s blessings!!

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