Meet The Lamberts

Welcome! I’m Andi.

Andi2I like to believe we’re friends. We may never have met or shared a hot chai latte together in a cozy corner booth of a hometown café, but I know we would if we could. And someday we just might. Until then, we have this.

My heart open to yours, my life journeys for you join me on, and my process in motion. I get the honor of living a life that rarely looks like I thought it should and I am slowly discovering the unlikely is where I feel most at home.

I belong to a reckless soul who is so much cooler than I. This is Rob.


He is a bearded rockstar who has the ability to quote any movie he’s seen.  At 32 he enjoys cartoons, pro-wrestling, the occasional video game and a good joke from his lady.  If you asked him what his dream job would be, without hesitating he’d look you straight in the eye and say “Starship Captain.”  He’s an adult… I swear…

Together we adventure with our greatest gift from the most precious birth mother.

Welcome Norah.


I feel special and so unworthy to get to walk along side her as we journey through life as a family. I am so humbled to hold in my arms the gift of a sweet child that will one day stand a woman who knows me as her mom. Norah is a light that is soft and easy on my soul. Her sense of discovery, unconditional acceptance, and generous love is constantly revealing truths that shape and change this heart of mine.

Together we are the Lambert Lovebirds.


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