Thankful on this Announcement Day…

Moments before sending the big announcement!

You will never know the depth of our gratefulness after this day.

God’s plan is so real to us in this moment. As He lead us through different ministries, different towns and allowed us opportunities to meet different people throughout our marriage, He used those moments for this call.

You all see us in a way we rarely see ourselves and in this season of intimacy and vulnerability, we are truly overwhelmed with gratefulness.

For everything… and all of you.

All the encouragement, well wishes, prayer, words of blessings and shared joy reveals to us that we stayed in your hearts. After all these years, all this time, times of distance and transition, He kept us on your heart for this moment. For our child.

God is so big, our God is so good.

We are loved. No matter what happens from this point on we know that without a doubt. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for loving us well.

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  1. You three are loved from afar. I will be thinking, praying, and waiting for payday tomorrow and every week after. I have a beautiful friend from church who has sat in all of this and continues to feel the pain and the joys. Here is a link to her blog: I am sure she would love to connect since she just started a support group to help others going through the process of adoption. She and her husband also speak at a conference called, “Choose Joy” every year. It might be coming up, here is the link:

    Seriously, I love the story God is penning for your sweet little family. He is good.

  2. Thank you so much, Ashly. We are feeling so loved and supported and are overwhelmed with gratefulness. I truly feel so honored to be on this road and am eager to see God’s glory and story unfold. Thanks for the links, I’ll check them out! – A

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