We Can Do Hard Things…

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Blank pages are the scariest of scenes. They can’t change what’s been written previously, we can only hope they bring healing truths.

Day 1 of the Choose Joy event!

This past weekend we got to attend a beautiful Adoption/Infertility conference called Choose Joy. We cannot speak more highly of our time there, the sessions we attended and the people we now get to call family. We got to attend the coolest classes that discussed topics like; transracial adoption, open adoption, foster care, overcoming bitterness of infertility and many more. It was so healing to meet people who are like us and who are going through similar experiences in life. You don’t know how alone you feel until you have moments of belonging.


The Lamberts and the FAC team!
The Lamberts and the FAC team!

We got to meet and spend time with the founder of Faithful Adoption Consultants (the folks helping us adopt)¬†and her staff, ladies who have cared for us over the past couple of months and loved us well. It was instant love and friendship, I’m so thankful God placed us in this group. They introduced us to other families in our shoes and had amazing clarifying conversations and encouraging next steps for us. Rob and I left so eager to meet our adopted child and ready for the next chapter God has in this story.


8 hours back to NorCal…

God’s timing has been so intimate and proof of His faithfulness and care for us. There were moments where I felt God mourn with me and knew this brokenness was not part of His¬†original design for our lives. Although I cannot see change and light yet, I cannot deny that God is in this and He will not waste our experiences. We all go through things that we’re still in shock about and have no idea how we survived. But we do, we survive. We can do hard things.

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