Welcome 2017, January Goals

I feel too young to say that I have been married for over 10 years, but that is my truth and I get the honor of living in every sweet blessing of it. Over the years, Rob and I have lived a lot of adventure and said yes to people and situations that welcomed new friends, new joys, and tremendous growth, but 2016 will always stand as our year of perseverance.

After saying goodbye to so many close friends and ministry family in pursuit of adventure with God and growth in leadership, we entered into a season of pruning that hurt. A lot. Most days too much. Growth is a scary thing to ask for and have answered. Generally, it does not come in the way you dreamed it would. In knowing our innermost being, God has a way of getting to the root of a crippled heart the way no other caretaker could. Together we walked a new road that led us to back to what feels like the beginning, to a place that feels like home.

In saying yes to Utah, we said yes to rejoining friends that we’ve done years of ministry together in another area, but same mission and passion for Jesus and His people. After the events of 2016, we are ready to start this new journey with old friends and a God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

At the end {and now beginning} of it all, we get to stand and sing ‘Hallelujah, our God reigns’. Over the unknown, the broken parts of our story, the pursuit of more Jesus, the call to make disciples, the new, the old, the next, the family we left, the family we’re building… all of it. Hallelujah, our God reigns!

2017, I am eager for your presence.


3 things 2016 made me thankful for:

The love of ministry.
We’ve seen a lot over the past 10 years and some days is feels easier, safer almost, to just settle in the comfortable outside of church ministry. In belonging to God and honoring the way He created us, we can’t. It is our joy to say yes to the discomfort of living for people so passionately loved by God.

The promise that I am not alone.
The silence of God could feel confusing, but the unfolding of life makes it clear that His presence is nothing short of constant. Knowing the Author of all things good, makes it possible to trust the lonely, hurt, scary, and messy times. When I sit in what feels like dark days, they are the reminder that the strength of the Lord is moving in a way that is outside of my control and understanding and that feels scary, but He will remain faithful to bring good because He cannot deny Himself and I am His.

The making of all things new.
Amen to renewal, second chances, growth, and moving forward.

2017 Goals

Seek community
Plug into the church God brought me to
Be brave….

  • To share the things that feel messy
  • To love those who feel hard
  • To give when it feels like a stretch
  • To walk a path that looks different than most in pursuit of Jesus, always more Jesus.

January Goals

Finish: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
For Fun: The One & Only by Emily Giffin

Weekly Goals:
Blog post
Work out 4 times
Coffee date alone
Date Rob
Talk to mom
Be silly with Norah

Daily Goals:
Eat clean! {Whole 30}
Pray often {invite Norah to join}
Start day with Bible Study
Drink lots of water!
Read for fun
Encourage a friend



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