Easter + Adoption || My process in both


You have been audaciously fought for and passionately welcomed home. As Easter Sunday nears, it takes intentionality to pause and remember. To quiet the hum of the everyday and walk to the foot of the cross. The world around me becomes distant in the presence of fierce love. Slowly, and without the usual fight, my […]

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When we were younger, love felt easy.

  When we were younger, it all felt easy. If you met the Lamberts 10 years ago, you would think us wild and so in love. Love and passion guided our decision making and the world had a gentleness with us that felt safe. I still remember the first time we talked about love. Parked […]

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Matthew 5:1-12 Jesus was attractive. As I read through His teachings of the Bible, I love to join the crowds at His feet and work to understand the upside-down truth that is His words. My mind dreams up the faces of the people who stood before Him as I slowly begin to feel the chains […]

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Life Giving Community

 1 Samuel 18:1-5 I sit in a crowded cafe surrounded by community buzz but excluded from the intimacy that a room full of people should bring. That’s not uncommon or unexpected. In fact, it’s comfortable. The hum of friendly chatter and company of strangers has a way of making me feel protected. It feels safe […]

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Welcome 2017, January Goals

I feel too young to say that I have been married for over 10 years, but that is my truth and I get the honor of living in every sweet blessing of it. Over the years, Rob and I have lived a lot of adventure and said yes to people and situations that welcomed new […]

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